Tamkeen International Company provides consulting services specialized in the fields of auditing, assurance, financial advisory and management consultancy. We are constantly evolving to meet the increasing demands of our clients for the services we provide and for this reason, our services are diverse, intertwined and built around our own experience and proven track record. The company’s strategy remains focused, as defined by the founders. The customer is still the main goal. In short, we are a company dedicated to providing high quality services and adding value to our customers, which we consider to be our long-term partners

Our goal is customer success and penetration. In every project or mission our Tamkeen Company undertakes, we seek our own development and enrichment of the client’s experience. We have a long-term future for all our stakeholders and our operations cover the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so far. Our team is our pride, because of the diversity, and dedication it has.

Our distinguished team works with experience

At Tamkeen International, we care about you, and we offer all possible and available options, help you with this, and facilitate all procedures related to your company in financial terms.